Namibia late 2023 – Altoe + Balmford

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  • Jon Hall

    THanks Ben – lots of helpful info here!

  • KyleFinn

    Nice trip report. I had forgotten you guys were doing Namibia as well. A few tips for others who go:
    Walk the gravel plains around White Lady Lodge at night for brush tailed gerbils (Gerbilliscus setzeri): Also here should be plenty of rock hyrax and dassie rats on the walk to the rock art. The dassie rats were at the parking area in some cinder blocks (2009, has anyone seen them recently there?).

    The black rocky ridges a bit north of Swakopmund are good habitat for round eared sengis. Also in Swakop, look for striped mice in the dunes south of town and Littledale’s whistling rats are along the beach by some of the houses. And according to old sightings in the river mouth just south of town.

    Sorry you used Green Motion for a car, we also used it once and had a similar experience! Do not rent a car from them!! We supposedly had unlimited kms but they said we only had a 200km/day limit and proceeded to charge us about $600 extra for the kms

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