Nepal, November – December 2023

It’s been *weeks* since a portrait of a Red Panda appeared on this page, so here’s my offering. At the end of last year I spent nearly three weeks in Nepal, first in Chitwan, and then on a Red Panda Network Zoo Ecotrip in the east of Nepal. Spoiler: the sightings can be so good on these trips that the panda pictures in this report were taken using my Google Pixel phone through  a Kowa spotting scope. An additional 21 species of mammal were seen on this fantastic trip, including Indian Rhino, Tiger and Yellow-bellied Weasel.


Nepal 2023

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  • Jon Hall

    Nice – that weasel is a good one! Are sightings regular there?

    • mikehoit

      Yeah, I was really pleased with that. Always love a mustelid! It’s a bit hard to say really – I mentioned it to the guides and they didn’t seem too surprised. Although whenever I asked about smaller carnivores the answer was usually “I have seen it, but not often!” I had a quick Google when I got home and found a couple of photos from Singalila so it seems as good a place as any!

  • Lennartv

    Excellent report! Nepal really sounds like it could offer much that India has to offer, but with way less tourists. I’m hoping to increase the amount of Red Panda portraits on the website even more soon :).

    • mikehoit

      Ah yes, I’ve seen your Red Pandas on Instagram! There’s a lot to like about Nepal – everything just seems to be less hassle than in India, and definitely some untapped potential.

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