New Podcast Episode: Arnaud Desbiez and his Giant Armadillo study

Charles and I had the great pleasure of chatting with Arnaud Desbiez last month from his home in the Brazilian Pantanal. Since 2010, Arnaud, a Whitley Award-winning conservationist, and his team have been studying one of the planet’s most iconic and secretive animals: the Giant Armadillo. A few lucky mammalwatchers will have met Arnaud in Brazil, and the luckiest of those have seen a Giant Armadillo with his help.

Very little was known about this magnificent mammal before Arnaud’s work began and the more the project uncovers the more we understand just how important a role this species plays in the ecosystems it inhabits. Arnaud talks about the challenges both Giant Armadillos – and Giant Armadillo researchers – face. We learn about Giant Armadillos dedication as parents, their longevity and why their burrows have earned the nickname “Hotel Armadillo”.

Stream the episode here or wherever you get your podcasts (search for “mammalwatching”). Here is a YouTube trailer.



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