New Trip Report: West Papua 2023

Here’s a report of the trip Nils Bouillard, Charles Foley, Venkat Sankar, Juliana Senawi,  Ian Thompson and I took last month with Carlos Bocos at the helm.

A bit of a mega trip, with 59 species in just over two weeks including Grizzled and Vogelkop’s Tree Kangaroos, Western Long-beaked Echidna, Long-fingered Triok, Feathertailed Possum, four ringtail possum species, three cuscus species, New Guinea Jumping Mouse and a whole lot more. I am pretty sure this trip gave me more lifers than any trip I’ve ever taken in 30 years. West Papua is full of spectacular mammalwatching and ‘unforgettable’ food….

If anyone has any thoughts on any of our species IDs – we remain puzzled about some species – then please let me know.

West Papua, 2023


Vogelkop Tree Kangaroo (Dendrolagus ursinus), Gunung Mupi.



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Jon Hall


  • danhps

    Thanks for this excellent and mouth-watering trip report!

    When I was at Malagufuk and Saporken (Waigeo) last year I kept seeing small microbats zooming through the forest at night. They were rufous-furred and black winged and I never got a look at one perched. Were you able to ID these bats?

    Thanks again!

  • Jon Hall

    Very tricky to say as that describes many species there. Possible miniopterus or pipistrellus but possibly many other things too unfortunately!

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