Peru Iquitos 2022

A short report about what mammals we managed to see while doing the Birdquest Peru, Iquitos tour!

Peru, Iquitos 2022 by Janos Olah

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  • Paul Carter

    Hi Janos. Thanks for posting this. I have recently been looking into visiting Iquitos in June 2023 and your write-up was timely, with some very useful info.
    I am going solo at this point, after Bolivian Amazon; if anyone else interesting in teaming up then let me know.

    • MarbledPolecat

      Good luck Paul! Surely you can see a lot more if the tour is designed to see mammals! Happy if you found any useful infos in the report. Janos

  • Jon Hall

    Great report Janos and photos too. That Yellow-crowned Brush-tailed Rat is a beauty!

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