(Rare) Primates in Vietnam

A succesfull self 0rganised trip to Vietnam (from Ho Chi Min City to Saigon). We focus on Primates and have seen 11 species on our recent trip (feb-march 2023).

(Rare) Primates in Vietnam

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  • Jon Hall

    Nice report. Thanks! And I’m delighted there are still pangolins left in Vietnam!

  • tomeslice

    Great report! I definitely need to put Vietnam higher on my list 🙂
    Amazing sighting of a Sunda pangolin, as Jon noted 🙂

  • RobJansen

    Fantastic report! Can’t wait to photograph some of these rare primates too!:)

  • Martin Walsh VN

    Nice report! Glad you saw a pangolin. For others heading to CT, I’ve found the best spot for Silver Langur is about 1km before you arrive at Bau Sau, near three extremely large trees on the trail (one of which is named). But I also often see them up past Heaven’s Rapids, there is some beautiful primary forest still there that both the SL and the BSDL seem to like. BSDL are everywhere but can be hard to spot/hear if you are on a bicycle, I tend to find them more often when I’m walking.


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