Request for help to find bats near Nassau, Bahamas

Dear MammalWatchers,

I will be in port in Nassau, the Bahamas, during 6 hours on the afternoon of November 1.  I know that this is a short time, but  I would like to try to see the Buffy Flower Bat and Waterhouse’s Leaf-nosed Bat.  Does anyone know of a good guide (preferably) who would know about bat roosts or could anyone give me detailed descriptions of some caves or other known roost sites that I could find and check out by renting a taxi?

Thank you in advance.

Please contact me at jon.swenson (at)


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Jon Swenson


  • Curtis Hart

    I think the cave I saw Buffy Flower Bats in on Nassau was just called “The Caves”, it’s on the north shore on W. Bay St. You do not need a guide, just pay the entry fee and see the bats. It shows up on Google Maps. I did not see Waterhouse’s on Nassau, and there are no records on Naturalist. Good luck!

  • Jon Swenson

    Thanks a million, Curtis. I had read your travel report and hoped that you would respond. So, I will concentrate on Buffy Flower Bats.
    All the best, Jon

  • William Henri Lewis

    Not in Nassau per se, but I was able to see both Waterhouse’s and Buffy Flower Bat in a cave called Cathedral Cave near the town of Rock Sound on the island of Eleuthera. There’s flights that take about 20 mins each way from Nassau to Rock Sounds, but I doubt the schedules would happen to fit in your 6 hour window, and I do remember them being prone to some delays.

    • Jon Swenson

      Thanks for the information, William. I checked the schedules and you were right–they don’t fit my short stop. Still, not I know this for next time and I am sure your comment will be helpful for others.
      All the best,

      • William Henri Lewis

        Sorry to hear it won’t work out. I think I’ll write a short report about my visit there in case anyone else in your situation needs any information; glad to hear to it was at least somewhat useful!

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