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Cape town, one of the biggest tourist destinations. I’m going to become one of these tourists but for a different reason. Mammal watching in South Africa definitely could get better than South Africa, but my brothers wanted to see penguins. I’m obviously going to West coast national park for caracal. But is there a specific road for them. Should I use a guide or go it solo. Is there any other places to see marine mammals such as seals. Our trip is five days and will be spent mostly in Cape town. Comments and advice well appreciated.

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Moses Swanson the XVI


  • rjmcrawford

    Enjoy the penguins! I assume you are heading to Boulders, Simon’s Town to see them. If you are, continue a little farther south to Partridge Point where you should see Cape Fur Seals on offshore rocks (Coordinates: 34.256 S; 18.481 E). A bit further south you get the Cape Point section of Table Mountain National Park, which has Bontebok, Cape Grysbok (best looked for late evening or early morning), Eland, Chacma Baboon and others.

    Caracals are never easy to see or predictable. However, there have recently been a number of Caracal sightings at Tygerberg Nature Reserve (closer to Cape Town than West Coast NP). You can slowly and quietly walk tracks or sit quietly and overlook them in the evening. Note the applicable closing time.
    If you are driving to see Caracal, two pairs of eyes are certainly better than one. If your brothers can help, no need for a guide. The officer at the gate may provide local information.
    Good luck

  • KyleFinn

    Chapman’s Peak drive is also very good for caracals, they get seen there quite often. Start at -34.078183, 18.356718 and drive to about -34.086924, 18.355680. Try early in the morning. I personally like the penguin colony at Stoney Point than the one at Boulders Beach. Cape dune mole-rats are easily seen at False Bay/Rondevlei (-34.058775, 18.499506) (not to be confused with Strandfontein which also has some dune mole-rats but they are easier to find mounds at False Bay). Heaveside’s dolphins can usually be seen from the Green Point lighthouse.

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