RFI: Tapir at Taman Negara, other wildlife Peninsular Malaysia


I will be in Peninsular Malaysia in the second half of June.

Any information about recent presence / absence of tapirs at Kumbang hide in Taman Negara? Any practicalities of getting there, permission, avoiding noisy crowds etc.?

Any other current info of more interesting wildlife in the region of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Selangor, Taman Negara, Fraser’s Hill?



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  • PandaSmith

    Here is our trip report. Contact Andrew and he will have some up to date info most likely. https://www.cokesmithwildlife.com/trip-report-malaysia-2022

  • nicogaidet

    I’d like to take this opportunity to also ask whether the November-December period is also favourable for tapir sightings at Kumbang hide in Taman Negara? Thanks. Nicolas

  • stevebabbs

    There’s no way of avoiding noisy people. When I was last there I basically told them to come in from their party under the hide and be quiet. One of the guides tried to argue that they never came until late. They weren’t happy but having tried several times over 25 years I wasn’t in the mood for discussion. A tapir came shortly afterwards; I passed my binoculars around and we all parted friends in the morning. We saw two later.

  • tomeslice

    Great report, Coke! And good tip about renting the hide all to yourself.

    Steve, what month of the year were you there?


  • JanEbr

    My friend was there two months ago, the hide where everyone sees tapirs (as we did in 2018) has collapsed and was not accessible during his visit.

  • Luluzookeeper

    Kumbang hide is indeed unfortunately closed, and the repair will take some long months (years ?) according to the staff i met ..

  • tomeslice

    What?! This totally sucks!!
    Does anyone have any contacts in Malaysia to try to influence, raise awareness or even raise money for the refurbishment of the hide?
    I would chip in..!!

  • RobJansen

    Anyone with more recent info about the Tapir hide? Is it open again, costs, can one still reserve only one day in advance etc?

  • mikerichardson

    I plan to visit Malaysia in October so I contacted Andrew Sebastian (the guide Coke Smith used) with the same questions. Apparently the Kumbang Hide is still closed for repairs, with no date for when it will reopen. There is another hide where tapir can be seen, although it’s not as reliable. Andrew was visiting the alternative hide several weeks ago, although he has not yet contacted me with any updates.

    With no other sites for Malayan Tapir anywhere, I’m reluctant to leave Taman Negara out of my itinerary. However, I’m struggling to find a reason to visit until the Kumbang Hide has reopened.

  • CarlosBocos

    The hide still closed

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