Sangha park travel buddies required

Hey all, long time reader of trip reports here.

I know some people may think this is planning too far in advance, but i know some that have every trip up until 2030 planned.

I am looking to travel to the Sangha national park, I will be staying at the Doli lodge, in early 2025. Probably around February.

I am not a wealthy traveller, which is why i am looking to share transportation costs if someone is willing to travel at the same time.

A flight is €1000 return per person. Where as the car journey solit between enough people would be 1/10 of that per person. I dont know if anyone else is lusting over the dzanga bai, gorilla, mangabey and pangolin heavy trip reports that have come out of CAR but it rapidly shooting up my list.

Also, despite what you read on various trip reports and lodge websites, the uk and US government still advise against all travel in the area. If anyone whos been could make me feel better about going there that would be great.

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