Suggestions for Armadillos in Florida?

Any advice for where or how to see nine-banded armadillos in Florida? I’ll be vacationing in Englewood soon and hope to see one for the first time (I’ve only ever seen them as roadkill).

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  • Jon Swenson

    Hi. I saw a nine-banded armadillo in the parking lot at Wakulla Springs State Park, FL (south of Tallahassee) in May 2022 just after dark. This is a 5 1/2-hour drive from Englewood, but I write this in case you are driving to Englewood and are passing by.
    Good luck!!

  • Paul Carter

    Hi. For a query like this it is best to go to iNaturalist and do a search for the species in the area you will be staying or prepared to visit. There are many records near Englewood.

  • wildlifeship

    Circle B Bar Reserve near Lakeland.

  • KyleFinn

    Also quite far, but I have usually seen them around Paynes Prairie Bolen Bluff in Gainesville. iNaturalist is probably your best bet. They like oak hammock habitat with a bit of understory vegetation. Usually active around sunset (1-2hrs before). You can generally hear them rustling around in the leaves.

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