Sumatran orangutans in Gunung Leuser National Park

If you are looking for a reliable site for the Sumatran orangutan and only have two days, then Bukit Lawang is the place.  Its only 3-4 hours drive from Medan airport, which is half the drive time of other locations mentioned on MW. I saw six orangutans in a 4 hours hike, a mother and baby (x2) and mating pair. Some of the females are rehabilitated and released into the area so make sure you keep hiking into the park if you want to encounter a wild (usually male) orangutan.  I organized the trip through Hotel Orangutan which picked me up from the airport and then I stayed in their guesthouse for two nights

The hotel guides were good and its possible to arrange overnight trips if you want to go deeper into this incredible park (the only place on earth with wild tigers, rhinos, elephants and orangutans). If you leave before 8 am you can avoid the z00-loud tourists who really should be kept in check by the guides. We also saw Thomas’s langur,  Slivered leaf monkey and long-tailed macaque.

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    Thank You for Visiting Our Natural Forest

    We are grateful for your visit to our natural forest, a sanctuary for all living beings. Your presence helps us continue to protect and preserve this beautiful place for future generations. We hope you enjoyed your time here and will come back to experience the serenity and wonder of nature again.

    Thank you!🦧🌿🌠

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