The jackal or the wolf in Algeria?

In Algeria there is a species of Canidae commonly called Dib or Ouchene in Kabyle. Its scientific name changed from Canis aureus to Canis anthus, then to Canis lupaster following very rigorous scientific work, then to Canis anthus another time.
In view of these changes we do not really know if they are the same species or different species or even subspecies.
People who are interested in this species, such as researchers, students, naturalists, ecologists and wildlife photographers, all ask themselves this question: What species do we really have in Algeria?

This is due to the fact that following the various photos taken by wildlife, forest and other photographers as well as various observations in the field, everyone agrees that there is a difference in the size of the individuals, as well as the color of their coat etc.
For this, we decided to try to work in common agreement with all interested parties and to combine all efforts to really find out if our dib is the only species that exists among us.
For this this page is created:
– To group and collect photos of different specimens taken across the national territory. Each photo will bear the name of its author with an indication of the place where it was taken, if possible with GPS coordinates.

– Try to collect tissue samples placed in 90 degree alcohol, or skull skeletons of dead individuals.

If everyone agrees, the BIOCAN Research team
(Research Team on the Biology and Ecology of Chiroptera and Other Terrestrial Animals) of the LREE (Research Laboratory in Ecology and Environment) of the University of Bejaia, will be the focal point for collecting the samples, the photos will be posted here on this page.

Everything that results from this work will bear the name of all the people who contributed to it without exception.

Here is the address of the Research team
Ecology and Environment Research Laboratory
Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences
Campus Targa ouzemmour – 06000
University of Bejaia in Algeria

We will work in total transparency and in a friendly manner.

Mourad AhmimThe jackal or the wolf in Algeria?

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  • Moses Swanson the XVI

    I remember spending an hour researching the subject. Using the resources I was provided I concluded that the species Canis lupaster, according to the IUCN red list, is the definitive species name. It was thought to be the same species Canis aureus, the Golden Jackal, until in 1820 it was changed to Canis anthus then finally to Canis lupaster. More specifically the species in Algeria is the Egyptian wolf, Canis l. lupaster. This is from my own research and is always up for debate but here is my answer to the question. The jackal or the wolf in Algeria?

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