Trip Report – Borneo (Sabah) Mammalwatching Tour – Royle Safaris – August/September 2022

Royle Safaris runs a specialist mammalwatching group trip to Sabah annually and they never disappoint. Guided by Mike Gordon and visiting Deramakot, Kinabatangan and Tabin (as well as an extesion to Tawau Hills) this trip resulted in 52 species of mammals (this is a little lower than usual as the bat count was lower because Gomantong Caves were not open), 85 species of birds, 20 species of reptiles and 11 species of amphibians.

Mammal highlights included amazing Marbled Cat, Otter Civet and brief Sun Bear as well as all of the ‘normal’ species that we usually see in Borneo.

We have only place available on our 2023 Borneo’s Rare Mammals Tour which is for late August / September and we have started getting bookings on our 2024 trip. So if you are interested in visiting Borneo to try and see some of these species and others which elluded this group such as clouded leopard or flat-headed cat, then just send us an email ( or visit our website (

Borneo’s Rare Mammals Tour – August/September 2022 – Trip Report from Royle Safaris

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  • Daan Drukker

    Hi! Great stuff, but just to let you know: the photo of the mousedeer shows a Greater mousedeer, not a Lesser, and the Thomas’s flying squirrel is a Red giant flying squirrel.


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