Trip report from Phobjikha Ramsar site, Bhutan

Trip report from my recent visit to Phobjikha, Ramsar site. Phobjikha is a largest wetland glacial valley in Bhutan, and home for over 600 Black-necked Cranes in winter.

On the morning of April 26, 2024, it was delightful to observe the common Pikas in their natural habitat in the serene Phobjikha valley above Kechu Resort at an elevation of 2,800m. While I was exploring the alpine birds along the verdant trail, I also sighted a large group of Grey Langurs ( 14 numbers including 3 babies) below Lawala Pass while traveling back from Phobjikha to Thimphu. They were feeding on new shoots by the roadside in the deciduous, Rhododendron and Hemlock forest at an elevation of about 2,700m. Langurs hold cultural significant in Bhutan, they bring good fortune if you encountered them on your journey.

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