Trip Report – Madagascar 2023 by Tomer Ben-yehuda

Hi everyone,

I know this is long.. but I tried to give as much info as I could – especially for places that are lesser-visited such as Masoala, Farankaraina, Tsingy de Bemaraha and the difference between Akiba Lodge vs. Kirindy Ecolodge. Plus my personal anecdotes, which are always fun….to me! 😀

Thanks again to Alex for putting together the amazing trip, to Patrick for the on-ground operation, to Jonas and Ruta for the great companionship, and to the Fossa gods!
Madagascar 2023

If any further revelations are made regarding any of our sightings or species, I may update the report.

I’m also attaching an Excel summary I made, wherein I tried to collect and analyze “data” from relevant sections of previous trips on

Madagascar Summary


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  • Ian Thompson

    Wow! Just when you think trips to Madagascar can’t get any more spectacularly productive, they do. Great report, Tomer.

  • Antee

    Great report.
    I need to go back to Madagascar a second time. Up north…

    The problem with this great island is that there is no felines here 🙂

  • Jon Hall

    Mega report Tomer. Boom! You hit it out the park. Lots of reasons for me to return

    • tomeslice

      Thank you Jon!
      I knew you’d like this one.

      We got super lucky and also put in a lot of effort. Definitely on your next trip, you have to visit Masoala, and the Grandidier’s vontsira place. And Tsingy de Bemaraha, which was the most adventurous place of all!


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