trip report: Mongolia 2022

Trip report from Wildlife Travel’s planning visit to Mongolia last August: following the ‘usual’ two-centre itinerary of Ulanbaatar/Hustai area and the Jargalant mountains, we had a ridiculously successful visit: within 24 hours of getting off the plane, we’d already seen Pallas’s Cat, Przewalski’s Horse and Wolf, and we spent a full day in the company of three Snow Leopards in the mountains in the second half of our trip.

Along the way we had two more Pallas’s Cat sightings, Argali, Siberian Ibex, Long-eared Hedgehog, Saiga, Black-tailed Gazelle and a whole load of gerbils/jerboas/voles.

Looking forward to returning in August 2023 with two space remaining still.


Mongolia 2022: Wildlife Travel trip report

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  • tomeslice

    Superb report!! And great pictures too!
    Mongolia is also pretty high on my list, ever since @Jon Hall was there back in like 2015 if I remember correctly. Also, tagging users using the @ sign doesn’t work. I hereby submit this request for the next version ;-P


  • Daan Drukker

    Great stuff! I believe your photo labeled as Midday Jird op p. 17 is actually a Mongolian Jird, as it seems to have dark gray nails and is active by day.

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