Way Kambas National Park Sumatra Advice

Hi all,

I am planning a trip to Sumatra in the beginning of June and was hoping someone might have some advice. I would really love to visit Way Kambas but the Satwa ecolodge is out of my price range. I was wondering if anyone knew of other places to stay/ways to visit. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you!

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  • CarlosBocos

    Hi MicLions. Please, open google maps and zoom around the Satwa Ecolodge. You will see a number of cheaper options, mostly homestays. Cheers

    • MicLions

      Hi CarlosBocos,
      I don’t see any numbers on those homestays but would you just recommended going to the area and stopping by some of those homestays?

  • CarlosBocos

    Yes, that’s it!

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