What is the best option (quality/low price) to buy a night-vision/thermal binoculars?


I am looking for some thermal/night vision binculars, but I have some doubts when choosing the models.

I am looking for a low price model, as my dad can’t spend much money on them, but at the same time we don’t want to buy something that hasn’t got good quality.

Maybe someone has some advice

Thanks in advance 🙂


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  • Jonatan den Haan

    Hi Bruno!

    When getting a thermal, a whole new world will open for you, so enough reasons to be excited!
    When going for budget thermals, there is no other brand that will match the quality of Hikmicro. I recommend you look into the Lynx (2.0) series. However, there is a VERY big catch that you should be aware of. Hikmicro produces products for prices that are literally impossible. They can do this because they are a Chinese company, sponsored by the Chinese government. By itself, the scope works wonderfully! But when you download the app (which does work really well!) all your data will be send directly to China. And when I say all, I really mean ALL data they can get their hands on, so be aware of this. You can update the firmware on the scope without using the app, but you do need it for live view for example.
    So to iterate, the scope can work amazingly on its own, but some things might feel a bit clunky when you don’t want to use the app.

    If you want to get another brand I highly recommend Pulsar as their stuff is top-notch, but of course it is also way more expensive.

    If you don’t mid using your phone AND you do have quite a new phone you can also look into the Infiray P or T series that plug into your phone. It works reasonably well, if you have a newer model phone. You are also reliant on their app support, so if one day they decide to stop supporting the app, your thermal camera becomes useless.

    I hope you find something that works for you and happy mammaling!

    Kind reagrds,

  • Jon Hall

    For the price (under $400$ I think the Xinfrared models are unbeatable. See https://www.mammalwatching.com/community-post/gear-review-xinfrared-t2-pro-thermal-camera-for-smartphones/. I’m going to review an even less expensive model next week.


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