I spent a couple of night in Alabama in June 2018.


The swampy hardwood forest around Demopolis  is some of the last of Alabama’s “Black Belt” forest, a particularly rich ecosystem that has been hit hard. In two hours I saw two or three Eastern Woodrats, Deer Mouse, two Nine-banded Armadillos, a Raccoon, a White-tailed Deer, and some Feral Pigs..

Tallageda National Forest

Tallageda Forest

Tallageda Forest

I spent a night in Tuscaloosa, and looked around the Oakmulgee section of the Tallageda National Forest in the evening.  A couple of hours with the thermal scope produced only one White-tailed Deer and a Deer Mouse climbing a tree. There were a few Grey Squirrels along the road in the morning.

Community Reports

Sauta Cave, NWR, 2020: Cheryl Antonucci’s report of the Grey Myotis emergence.

Alabama, 2018: Jon Hall, 2 nights & 6 species including Eastern Woodrat and Nine-banded Armadillo.

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Please email me if you have tips for mammal watching in this area.

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