I spent a day driving through Armenia in 2017. I didn’t look for, nor see, any mammals. But it is a beautiful country and somewhere I want to return to.

Community Reports

Georgia & Armenia, May 2022: Frans de Schamphelaere, 9 days & 7 mammal species including Dagestan Tur, Bezoar Goat, Brown Bear and Caucasian Squirrel. 

Georgia & Armenia, April 2022: Wise Birding, 12 days & 6 species including Eurasian Lynx, Brown Bears and Bezoar (Wild Goat).

Georgia and Armenia, 2019: Frans De Schamphelaere, 2 weeks (primarily birding) & 9 species including Eastern Tur and a Brown Bear.

Georgia and Armenia, 2019: Jan Ebr’s account of a “few mammals while birding” over 10 days. But those few included Eurasian Lynx, Brown Bear and Eastern Tur.

Armenia, 2018:  Sophie and Manuel Baumgartner, 6 days & 10 species including Wolf, Wild Cat and Wild Goat.

Armenia and Georgia, 2013: Michal and Piotr Polanski, 10 days & 9 species including Bezoar Goat and Syrian Brown Bear.

Armenia, 1988-1990: Vladimir Dinets’ notes of sites there with species including Lesser Rock Shrew and Syrian Brown Bear.

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Please email me if you have tips for mammal watching in this area.

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