I haven’t been to Mozambique yet, but I’ve included community reports from those that have.

Community Reports

Gorongosa, 2022Pictus Safaris, 9 days & 38 species including Marsh MongooseWild Dog and Banana Serotine.

Malawi & Mozambique, 2022Pictus Safaris, 2 weeks & 46 species including Meller’s MongooseMozambique Dwarf Galago and Dugong.

Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya, 2021Pictus Safaris, 30 days & 81 species including  Ader’s DuikerManed Rat and Kipunji.

Gorongosa NP, 2019: Tom Clode, 6 days & 25 species including Wild Dogs, Bushpig  and Sable Antelope.

Southern Africa, 2008-09: Vadimir Dinets’s notes of a long trip through 9 Countries. Many mammals including some nice rodents in Mozambique.

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