I haven’t done much mammal watching in Sweden.  I did take a ‘safari’ out of the small town of Orsa Finmark in search of European Beavers and saw one there, after visiting several ponds.

I saw my first Moose (European Elk) in Sweden, somewhere near Gothenburg.

Community Reports


Switzerland-Sweden-Poland Roadtrip, 2022: Lorenz Achtnich’s account of a roadtrip in his campervan through 6 countries with 31 species including – in Sweden – Eurasian Lynx and Wood and Norway Lemmings.

Sweden, 2021: Ralf Bürglin, 2 weeks with species including Mouflon, Reindeer and Grey-sided Vole.

Searching for Eurasian Lynx, 2020: Andreas Jonsson’s account of 12 night drives featuring 14 species including Lynx, Polecat and Brown Bear.

Sweden, 2014: Naturetrek,  5 days & species including Lynx, Wolves (howling) and a Northern Bat.

The Lynxes of Salgarda Meadow, May 2011: Steve Morgan, a successful 3 day twitch for the pair of European Lynxes that had taken up residence around a meadow near Stockholm. He and Phil Telfer saw 7 other species too.

Lynxes near Stockholm, 2011: Karl van Ginderdeuren, and a weekend twitch to see the same animals that Steve saw.

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