I haven’t been to Tajikistan yet, but I’ve included community reports from those that have.

Community Reports

The Darwaz Mountains, 2020: Ralf Bürglin, 2 weeks & species including Markhor, Siberian Ibex, Tolai  Hare and a Snow Leopard.

Tajikistan (mainly along the Afghan border), summer 2018: Frans De Schamphelaere, 3 weeks & 10 species including MarkhorSiberian Ibex, Argali and a Lynx.

Darwaz Mountains, 2018: Frans De Schamphelaere, 10 days & MarkhorSiberian Ibex and a Snow Leopard.

Tajikistan, 88-91: Vladimir Dinets, several trips & species include Marco Polo SheepMarkhor and some nice bats and rodents.


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Please email me if you have tips for mammal watching in this area.

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