S2 E17: Expedition to West Papua


We are reunited with Carlos Bocos who inspired, designed and guided their hugely successful trip to West Papua in June 2023. From Long-beaked Echidnas to Long-fingered Trioks, we talk about the incredible mammalwatching on New Guinea, the extraordinary local communities who helped us along the way, and a death-defying BASE jumping Ground Cuscus.


Here is the trip report from West Papua. Page 22 of the IUCN Antelope Specialist Group’s Gnunewsletter has the article that Charles mentioned at the start of the podcast: using Dromedary Camel patrols to search for the last few Addax in the remotest areas of Niger. And S3 E48 of Charley Hesse’s Naturally Adventurous podcast, where he talks mammalwatching with Charles and Jon, is here.

Cover art: Western Long-beaked Echidna, Jon Hall