Indonesia – West Papua, Raja Ampat & the Moluccas

Although I have visited Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, I haven’t been to West Papua, Raja Ampat or the Molucca Islands. I have included community reports from those that have.

Community Reports

West Papua, 2022: John Rogers, 15 days & 26 mammals including Stein’s and Waigeo CuscusesLong-fingered Triok and Papuan Long-eared Bats

West Papua, 2022: Carlos Bocos, 3 weeks & 27 species including Common EchymiperaVogelkop Ringtail Possum & Great Flying Fox.

West Papua, 2021 & 22: Mark Spence, two trips and some great mammals including Waigeo Spotted CuscusBrown Forest Wallaby and Western Long-beaked Echidna.

West Papua, October 2019: Carlos Bocos, 3 weeks and 35 species including Ground CuscusReclusive Ringtail PossumBrown Pademelon, two Marsupial Shrew species and more.

West Papua, 2019: Carlos Bocos, 3 weeks & 28 species including Waigeo and Black-spotted CuscusFeathertailed PossumSpeckled Dasyure and a ton of cool bats.

The Moluccas, 2019: Carlos Bocos, 3 weeks & 26 + species including Northern Common CuscusBlue-eyed Cuscus, and some nice bats including North Moluccas, Seram, Moluccan, Black-bearded & Kei Flying Foxes

West Papua, 2017: Steven Anyon-Smith, 3 weeks & 17 species including Masked and Reclusive Ringtail PossumsStein’s Cuscus and Black-tailed Melomys.

Raja Ampat, 2016: Curtis Hart, 4 weeks & 8 species including Northern Common and Waigeo Cuscuses.

Raja Ampat (West Papua), 2014: Steve Anyon-Smith’s entertaining account of 3 weeks with few mammals (as usual in this region) including Cenderawasih Bay Flying Fox, Beaufort’s Bare-backed Fruit Bat, Raffray’s Sheath-tailed Bat and Waigeo Cuscus.

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