Juan Cruzado: Mexico

Desert Pocket Mouse

Area: Mexico

Type: Tour Operator and Guide


What’s App: +52 1 81 1487 8136



Juan Cruzado is a professional field biologist with a particular interest in bats and small mammals. He has travelled extensively around Mexico is familiar with the country’s many mammals and the best places to look for them.

Though Juan is, first and foremost, a biologist he is also happy to organize mammalwatching trips when time permits. Trips give him an opportunity to visit under-explored places and discover important new information on Mexican mammals, many of which remain quite poorly known.

He takes pride in ensuring that the trips he organizes benefit local communities, in that way encouraging them to protect the ecosystems they live in.


Yucatan Bat Weekend, 2019: Charles Hood, 3 days & 18 species, 16 of them bats including Cozumel Golden Bat and Black Mastiff Bat.

Central Mexico, 2019: Venkat Sankar, 6 days & 36 species including Mexican Volcano MouseMexican Big-eared BatLeast Sac-winged BatSword-nosed Bat and Ghost-faced Bat

Yucatan, 2019: Venkat Sankar, 3 nights & some nice species including a Margay, Mexican Mouse Opossum and Alvarez’s Mastiff Bat.

Mexico City & Veracruz, 2018: Jon Hall, 3 days & 24 species including Volcano Rabbit, Volcano Mouse and Perote Ground Squirrel.

Oaxaca, 2018: Jon Hall, 4 days & 22 species including Van Gelder’s Bat and Osgood’s Mouse.

Mexico, 2016: Venkat Sankar, 10 days & 42 species including Durango ChipmunkSmoky Pocket GopherSouthern Rock MouseVolcano Rabbit and Mexican Giant Shrew.