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Nepal – Chitwan Safari Trip Report from Royle Safaris


Nepal Tiger Safari Tour Trip Report from Royle Safaris A trip report from Royle Safaris’ most recent Tiger Safari into Chitwan National Park in Nepal. We found a total of 24 species of mammals including Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, Wild Water Buffalo, Sloth Bear and many more.

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North Morocco

Hi, just a little info people might find interesting/useful. I just got back from 3 nights/4 days in North Morocco (28/04/17 – 01/05/17) and although not really a mammal watching trip (hence no full on trip report) I did see the following mammals: 2 dead Algerian Hedgehogs on the...

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Best bang-for-buck mammal destinations

“Kittykat23uk” and all: the following three links should help you determine which destinations have the highest mammal diversity and possibly cost-efficiency (depending on travel costs). Click on any of the maps to enlarge.   Especially useful:   Mammals   Link to download higher resolution maps is on the bottom...

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Mammalian species prioritization scale

Hello all, The write-up took much longer than I had anticipated – came out to 10 pages – for which I apologize sincerely. But finally, here is the scale for ranking mammals’ `desirability’, or prioritizing mammal-watching efforts by species. Attached herein as a PDF. Hopefully it will be of...

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