What’s happened on mammalwatching this past month?

An updated mammalwatching website was launched a month ago. Now that we can all post our own reports the site is busier than ever.

If you haven’t yet signed up for updates then here are a few things you may have missed (and if you do want to sign up for email alerts about new posts then here are instructions).

We’ve had new trip reports from around the world including Colombia, Brazil, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and more with some very cool mammals inside.

Colombian Andes, 2022: Venkat Sankar, 2 weeks & 31 species including Spectacled Bear, Mountain TapirOlinguitoBrown Dwarf Hairy Porcupine,  Panama Mouse Opossum and White-tailed Olalla Rat

Brazil, 2022: Jens Bokelaar, 29 days & 32 species including Southern MuriquiNorthern and Southern Maned SlothsCrested and Yellow-breasted Capuchins and a Lesser Grison.

Mongolia – Manul Safari, 2022: Sebastian Kennerknecht, 8 days & 5 species including Mongolian Hamster and Pallas’s Cats. Awesome photos!

Kenya, 2022: Ben Chapple’s 10 month mega – no make that MEGA – report including AardvarkNaked Mole RatManed RatHarrison’s Giant Mastiff BatCaracal, AardwolfZorillaWeyns’s Duiker and 147 other species!

Cat Trip Round Up 2022: ChrisD’s summary of several felinophilic trips in 2022 in search of Andean Mountain Cat (miss), Colocolo (miss), Kodkod (hit), Serval (miss, then a hit), African Golden Cat (miss), Black-footed Cat (miss), Jaguarundi (hit), and Geoffroy’s Cat (hit). 

Papua New Guinea, 2022: János Oláh, 16 days & 22 species including Grey DorcopsisSpeckled and Black-tailed Dasyures, Long-fingered Triok, Feather-tailed Possum and Ground Cuscus.

Along with a bunch of other reports this month that you can find on the site.

But mammalwatching.com is more than trip reports …

There have also been some interesting mammalwatching-related posts: recordings of West African Squirrel and Mongolian Rodent calls (beat that Spotify!), maps of where large carnivores can be found in Norway and Sweden, and an updated global mammal checklist.

And if you are itching to join a trip then there were adverts for upcoming specialist tours to: Watch Mandrills and much more in Gabon; Search for Sumatran Tigers in Sumatra (d’uh); and look for Blind Mole Rats and more than 50 other mammal species in Romania.

You can see a list of upcoming trips on the Join a Trip page (you will need to be logged into your account). And remember, if you are not a commercial operator and you are looking for people to join you on a trip then feel free to ask for company via a community post.

If you want to know more then browse the community page and see what you missed.

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