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Thinking of your next trip?  Here are some mammal-focussed trips that are looking for people to join them.  If you are planning a trip and looking for company, or looking to team up with others somewhere, then please post on the forum or get in touch.

If you are running a commercial mammalwatching tour  then please email me for rates and options.

Anyone can list a trip here. They are not necessarily recommended or approved by, especially if I don’t know the people involved. So please do your own research before signing up: two weeks in a rainforest with someone you don’t get on with will not be fun ….

The following trips are looking for people to join.

Marrick (Kimberley, South Africa): December 2019

South Africa, December 2018
Organiser – Merijn van Leeuwen

From 4-8 December 2018 I will attend the African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement Meeting in Durban, South Africa. Afterwards, I am eager to visit Marrick, Kimberley ( for three days to see the mouth watering species it is famous for: Aardvark, Aardwolf, Black-footed Cat, but also Smith’s Rock Hare, African Hedgehog, Spring Hare, Striped Polecat, etc. By day the area is good for Rock Elephant Shrew and Meerkat. Also, I want to make some self drives in the surrounding area.

Level of Difficulty – Easy

Kenya: Feb 2019

Kenya, Feb 13 to 26 2019
Organiser – Alan Dahl

Looking for two more people to join us on this fantastic itinerary in Kenya:
– 1 night Eka Hotel Nairobi
– 1 night Nairobi NP Tented Camp (Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage visit included)
– 3 nights Porini Ambroseli in Selenkay Conservancy (Fly from Nairobi)
– 4 nights Porini Mara in Ol Kinyei/Naboisho (Fly from Ambroseli)
– 4 nights Porini Lion in OMC (ground transfer from Porini Mara)
– Fly back to Nairobi
– Day room at Eka Hotel if needed

We would have a private vehicle for just the 4 of us and the price is really good since Porini has extended their specials at least another month.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Caspian Seal Trip (Kazakhstan), April or May 2019

Kazakhstan, April or May, 2019
Organiser – John Fox

I’ve finally found some decent info on where to see this mammal and would like to try for it in April or May, 2019.

They gather and molt in large numbers in late March and April around Komsomolets Bay (also known as the Dead Kultuk) in Kazakhstan, in the northeast part of the Caspain Sea. It is a very remote area with some oil wells, a Kazakh naval base, and not much else. Don’t know if a long boat trip would be required, very little online information is available.

I have emailed Machiel Valkenburg at He thinks he can arrange logistics to visit the area and see Caspian Seals. This is a bit of a high end type tour company but I am leery of going with someone who might not really be able to pull it off.

Of course, everything else is on the table while there including birds, geologic features and cultural/World Heritage sites. Would welcome some company and to share expenses.

Level of Difficulty: Easy (maybe?)

Javan Rhino Expedition, June-July 2019

Organiser – Royle Safaris

Royle Safaris is now opening our Javan Rhino Expedition for 2019. We have managed to special permits that allow our group to enter the core region of Ujong Kulon National Park. We will be camping inside the park and basing our search along a little known river deep inside the park. This river has had more sightings (4-5) in the past couple of years than any other location inside the park for many years.

Level of difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Amazon Cruise on the Rio Aripuana, October 3 – 17, 2019

Organisers – Jon Hall, Fiona Reid and Micah Riegner

We will be exploring the remote Rio Aripuana in search of the newly described Dwarf Marmoset and the enigmatic Dwarf Manatee, known only from a single creek in the Amazon Basin! The animal resembles the Amazonian Manatee genetically, yet is much much smaller and has a different diet. Other species we hope to encounter include Manicore MarmosetCommon Woolly Monkey and Prince Bernhard’s Titi Monkey along with some exciting bats, rodents, dolphins and many of the commoner Amazonian species.

Level of difficulty: easy

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