In case anyone is interested I’ve just bought two new lights that I am very happy with.

The new Clubman CB2 spotlight ( with separate power pack which is just fabulous (you can get them from Alana Ecology in the UK). It is lightweight and the battery pack is – I guess -a over a kilo. But kilo for kilo offers the longest life of any battery I have used – about 90 minutes on full beam. It has a 50w main bulb and a second 10w bulb for local work. Plus the connection between the battery and light is through a rugged socket.

I also have a very small but high-powered Tiablo A9 flashlight – it is tiny but has an amazing beam and battery life (and is also rechargeable). I got it in Thailand.


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  • Curtis Hart

    I use a Blazer 28 volt. With my current head lamp I get 2 hrs on high or 12-14 on low. They have a new headlamp that gets 20 hrs on high and 50 hrs on low. I’ll probably get that one before I travel internationally agian.

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