Invitation to Join me on a Mammal extravaganza in Gujarat and Tadoba

India has always been a firm favorite of mine and I can’t tell you how exited I have been with putting together this return trip for end feb 2013. This is a twin centre trip focusing on Gujarat and Tadoba tiger reserve.

We have two people, myself included who are ready to commit to this trip (along with a couple of others who have expressed an interest) but ideally I am looking for others to join me who are willing to make a commitment soon. In particular it would really help if there were another single lady who would be  willing to share a room to avoid the single room supplement.

If any of you are interested in this trip, with the focus being primarily on Asiatic lion, wolf, leopard, striped hyena, wild ass, blackbuck etc in Gujarat and sloth bear, tigers and dhole in Tadoba, and a host of other mammal and birdlife, please let me know.

My good friend Jo Thomas (Wild About Travel) is organising the trip so we know we will be in safe hands.

The itinerary is all laid out in the attached document with prices etc. Flights are not included so will also need to be factored in.

As an added incentive, if you can book by the 15th December, you will receive £100 discount on the listed price.

I should add, I am not a tour leader, just someone who would like to open this trip up to others in order to save some costs. 🙂

The sites in Gujarat are well known to anyone who has researched a trip to that area. We will be going to the Little Rann of Kutch, for the Asiatic wild ass and myriad of birdlife, we will spend time in Gir National Park focusing on the Asiatic lion, and also Velavadar which is a great site for Indian grey wolf and striped hyena. We have chosen some very well placed accommodation. For instance, Indian grey wolf has been seen in the grounds of Blackbuck lodge in Velavader.

For me, no trip to India is complete without a chance to see Tiger! We have chosen Tadoba for this trip, which is less well known. After a lot of consideration, we settled on Tadoba as it has delivered consistently amazing tiger sightings this year (from first hand reports) and is also delivering excellent sightings of dhole and sloth bear. Leopard has also been seen fairly frequently. Tadoba is also likely to be much quieter in terms of vehicles in comparison to e.g. Bandhavgarh and Kanha. In fact, as Tiger Trails resort is situated with it’s own entrance to the park, people have reported having the park to themselves for the first hour or so- something that never happens in the other more well known parks. We will be staying at both Tiger Trails and another resort in the area to explore the different parts of the park.

Tigers Lions Hyenas and Wolves tour Feb March 2013 small group final -1


  • taihaku

    I can confirm the stories of having alone time early in Tadoba as a result of staying in Tiger Trails. You also wind up in the nice position of having a genuine shot at serious mammals as soon as you leave the hotel room as opposed to that half hour/hour of “lost time” travelling to the target area – whilst we were there there were tiger and leopard pug marks and sloth bear scat in the garden!

  • kittykat23uk

    That’s good to hear taihaku. I don’t know if there is a PM system on here but you can reach me on jodale22 at hotmail dot com for more info. 🙂

  • kittykat23uk

    Hello everyone,

    We’ve had a bit of an issue with this trip in that the only other person who was definitely keen, has since dropped out. So in a last ditch effort to keep the trip viable, we have re-worked the itinerary slightly, dropping the accompanying naturalist guide from the Tadoba section. This means that the price has come down to:

    2 people travelling together £2765
    3 people travelling together £2350
    4 people travelling together £2265
    Single room supplement £ 630

    Excludes flights (international and domestic).

    At the moment we only have a couple of “maybes” besides myself and we desperately need to finalise numbers if this trip is to happen so we can book the jeeps etc.

    If anyone is interested and can make a firm commitment by the end of December, please let me know!

    All the best


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