New trip reports: India

Hi, I just added a bunch of 2013 India reports to, all courtesy of Aniket Sardana

Central India, 2013: Aniket Sardana, 2 weeks & 15 species including Tiger, Gaur and Leopard.

Ladakh, 2013: Aniket Sardana, 2 weeks & 6 species including Snow Leopard and Urial.

Assam Plains & Primates, 2013: Aniket Sardana, 5 days & 16 species including Tiger, Capped Langur and Hoolock Gibbon.

Assam Plains, 2013: Aniket Sardana, 9 days & 20 species including Tiger, Golden Langur, Dhole and Hispid Hare.

Have a good weekend wherever you are



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