Marbled Cat and Whiskered Flying Squirrel at Mount Kinabalu (Sabah, Borneo)

In May 2016 I photographed a Marbled Cat at Kinabalu Park; an elevation record for Borneo:

I also photographed a Whiskered Flying Squirrel, a species rarely photographed anywhere it seems:

Paul Carter

  1. tomeslice 6 years ago

    Awesomeness. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Andy Boyce 6 years ago

    Very nice! I camera-trapped Marbled Cat at Kinabalu Park HQ (~1550m) in 2014 and an elevational (camera-trap) study is underway at all three terrestrial parks in Sabah. Hopefully we can revise the elevational ranges for some of these rare critters!

    Andy Boyce

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