Hi, everyone,

My wife and I are contemplating a trip to Tibet in 2017 and would be grateful for ANY advice. We plan to combine mammal-watching and sight-seeing, so Lhasa is a must and the Chang Tang looks promising, and maybe Qinghai, but we are open to any suggestions. We are interested in all forms of wildlife and plants but our wish-list includes Tibetan wolf, Tibetan fox, bear, Pallas’s cat, snow leopard, as well as birds and ungulates. We hope to travel overland from Nepal to help acclimatisation and do some sight-seeing along the way, e.g. Shigatse. Can anyone advise, please:

  1. Best time to go.
  2. Best places for wildlife.
  3. Sight-seeing tips – including any gems that are less visited.
  4. Travel agents – I think we would be looking for a UK-based company with local agents and prefer wherever possible to do business with TIBETANS when we are there.
  5. Health advice – my wife is in her 50s and I am 62, we are both reasonably fit but wary of altitude sickness / AMS.

Many thanks!


Miles Foster


  • Jurek

    I suggest contacting Jesper Hornskov, a birder and trip leader from Denmark married to a Chinese. I was with him on a trip to Tibet and Quinghai some years ago. He is probably the Westerner with most experience in wildlife and tour guiding in these areas.

  • Miles Foster

    Many thanks, Jurek, I’ll look into it.


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