Mammal Focused Trips with Places Available

As we get into 2017 I have some mammal watching focused trips for the next 12 months which have some spaces available on them. If anyone is interested in any of these options please contact me (replying to this post or with an email to and I can provide pictures, itineraries and more information. Below is just a brief summary of the trips. The prices typically include all ground costs, accommodation, guides, entrance fees, transportation, wildlife watching activities, food etc. But a more detailed breakdown can be provided if needed. Prices for a couple booking or people willing to share rooms are cheaper as the single supplements are not included. Again inquire further for more information.

Looking forward to hearing more from fellow mammal watchers.

  1. Bhutan – Lost Land of the Tiger

                10th November 2017 – 24th November 207

Trekking and wildlife watching – visiting some cultural sites such as Taksang Monastery. Wildlife including various birds, goral, sloth bear, rhino, clouded leopard, tiger, golden langur etc – Bhutan is pristine and so it is hard to see wildlife as the forests are dense, but the rewarding nature of being guided by scientists and conservationists is awesome.

Price GBP £4,995 per person

2. USA – Yellowstone’s Winter Wolves

                9th January 2018 – 14th January 2018

Guided by Yellowstone ecology and wolf experts you will explore the park at the best time of year for wolf watching. The heart of winter is their breeding season and you will be taken around the northern and central parts of the park in search of wolves. You will also see wapiti, American bison, pronghorn, golden eagles, bald eagles, mule deer, white-tailed deer, coyotes, red fox among other species and of course also visit spectacular Old Faithful.

Price GBP £3,015 per person (including single supplement)

3. India – Kingdom of the Snow Leopard

                2nd February 2018 – 17th February 2018

Snow leopard focused trip with 9 full days in Hemis National Park and other snow leopard habitats around the area dedicated to seeing and observing snow leopards – I have sent information about the snow leopards previously and can provide more if needed. Other wildlife includes blue sheep, Asiatic ibex, lammergeyer, golden eagle, chukkar, Himalayan griffon, Tibetan wolves, mountain weasel, various pika, woolly hares. Guided by expert snow leopard spotters and a camping expedition team.

Price GBP £3,570 per person (including single supplement)

4. Russia – Siberian Tiger Winter Tour

                20th February 2018 – 5th March 2018

A specialist wildlife watching tour focusing on tracking and looking for wild Siberian tigers, this is a unique tour which spends 12 full days in the forest with the expert help of tiger biologists and myself on this trip to help find and observe the tigers and other wildlife. I have provided information in the past for this trip and can provide more if needed. Other wildlife that can be seen includes Siberian roe deer, wild boar, wapiti, hazel grouse, white-tailed sea eagle, red fox, sable, Siberian weasel.

Price GBP £3,860 per person (including single supplement)

  1. Nepal – Wild Nepal

                1st May 2018 – 11th May 2018

A trip focused around one of the best national parks in the whole of Asia for wildlife, we will head into the park in search of the 600 plus rhinos (which we guarantee), as well as elephants, leopards, sloth bears, gharial, mugger crocodiles and of course tigers. We will be looking for tigers as a priority. We will also be exploring the park on foot, via jeep, elephant back safari and also canoe safaris. I will most likely be guiding this tour but if I will guide is not confirmed at this date as we have expert naturalist guides in Nepal who usually run this trip.

Price GBP £2,095 per person (including single supplement)

  1. Borneo – Borneo’s Rare Cats

                Dates to be confirmed (in early summer 2017 we will have confirmed dates), the time scale we are looking at is June – August 2018

The trip is 14 nights long

This is a trip focused on some of the most exotic animals in the world to see, clouded leopards, sun bears, marbled cats, bay cat, pangolin, linsang, colugos, leopard cats, flat-headed cats as well as orang-utans, elephants, various langurs, gibbons and a whole host of birds. We will visit three different forests, including one which is very seldom ever visited but camera trap studies suggest the highest density of bay cats in the world as well as populations of clouded leopard and other elusive species. This trip is very much visiting new forests and exploring areas that are packed full of incredible wildlife. I would be guiding this trip along with local guides.

Price GBP £3,895 per person (including single supplement)

I very much look forward to hearing back from people interested in any of these trips.

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    In addition to the post i made yesterday i would like to say that the Borneo price is not including the single supplement, the price is based on sharing occupancy. We can request a single supplement for anyone wishing to book.

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