Sabah Mammals Tour Trip Report from Royle Safaris

The latest trip report from Royle Safaris is from our August 2017 trip to Sabah, we were focusing on mammals of Kinabatangan, Tabin and Deramakot. We failed on a couple of our targets, the river levels were unseasonably high and scuppered our flat-headed cat chances and we were damned unlucky on clouded leopard. But we had over 60 species spotted and enjoyed two marbled cat sightings, including one just 3m away on teh ground next to the vehicle as it groomed and watched us. Other mammal highlights including 3 moonrats, binturong daily at Deramakot, a naked bat on the boardwalk of Gomatong Cave and 9 of the 10 primates known from Sabah.

Sabah’s Mammals Tour Trip Report from Royle SafarIs

We have a specialist cat focused trip to Borneo organised for 2018, where we will focus particularly on all 5 species of Bornean cats, including 4 days dedicated to the bay cat only. We have 3 places only available on this small group departure, for anyone interested please get in touch for more information.

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