• Jon Hall

    Wow Laurent – that was a spectacular trip!

  • Laurent Morin

    Hi Jon, it was a perfect trip, really!

    We were overwhelmed by all we saw in just 4 nights.

  • Laurent Morin

    Now I’ll try and research the best possible place to see the Indochinese Clouded Leopard (nebulosa) and plan our next move!

  • Laurent Morin

    Hahaha, you’re definitely right. I guess harder means more rewarding!

    I can already die happy with what I’ve seen so far (Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Leopard, Lion and Sunda Clouded Leopard). We’ll probably go to Ladakh next, which looks like an incredible place altogether.

  • Maurice Tijm

    Incredible sightings, great report. Damn… so many of these species are irregular elsewhere. The only top mammal you didn’t see that seems to be quite regular there is a Binturong.

    Don’t forget to name Marbled Cat in that cat list that allows you to die happily. That really is one of the most incredible cats and definetely as hard to see as clouded leopard.

    I would like to request a ban on al these successful Borneo reports :-D. I am considering a trip to Latin America but how could we go there when all these animals are now possible in Borneo.

    • Jon Hall

      Ha ha. Yes. Good idea on a ban. It’s killing me too. I see Mike Gordon had both Collared Mongoose and Otter Civet too this week. I’m waiting for a Rhino (probably with a Bay Cat on top of it).

    • Laurent Morin

      Maurice, you’re quite right for the Marbled Cat, it is stunning and hard to see. I try to limit my list to 9 big cats because I tend to become utterly obsessed until it has been completed (and then I’ll move on to another list), but I’ve seen a great number of species in this trip and the previous 5 that have a spot on my top list, like Baird’s Tapir, for instance.

      Jon, that reminds me of a joke we kept telling Mike near the end of the trip. Considering all we saw, we started requesting crazy things like a Bay Cat sitting on a Banteng or a melanistic Clouded Leopard.

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