Varirata NP in PNG – Mammal ID required

On a trip to Papua New Guinea in August/September we saw this animal in Varirata National Park at about 770 metres, again looked a bit like a Long-nosed Bandicoot, the face/nose didn’t look like a Dasyure from the pictures we have looked at.





I was takem by surprise and use this as my excuse for the por picture quality…..

it would be great if forum members could provide their thoughts.

  1. Marc Anderson 5 years ago

    Based on location, I think Echymipera rufescens or Echymipera kalubu. Not sure how to differentiate between these two though.

  2. Author
    SteveFirth 5 years ago

    Thank you Marc. I agree that it is likely to be one or other of these two, but as you say, it doesn’t
    seem feasible to differentiate between them.

  3. Fanda V. 5 years ago

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