Varirata NP in PNG – Mammal ID required

On a trip to Papua New Guinea in August/September we saw this animal in Varirata National Park at about 770 metres, again looked a bit like a Long-nosed Bandicoot, the face/nose didn’t look like a Dasyure from the pictures we have looked at.





I was takem by surprise and use this as my excuse for the por picture quality…..

it would be great if forum members could provide their thoughts.

  1. Marc Anderson 12 months ago

    Based on location, I think Echymipera rufescens or Echymipera kalubu. Not sure how to differentiate between these two though.

  2. Profile photo of SteveFirth Author
    SteveFirth 11 months ago

    Thank you Marc. I agree that it is likely to be one or other of these two, but as you say, it doesn’t
    seem feasible to differentiate between them.

  3. Fanda V. 7 months ago

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