Mammals of Borneo

Hi people,

Some mammals I filmed in Sabah, Borneo, in May 2018. Birding trip, sorry…


Bornean Orangutan (wild ones), Least Pygmy Squirrel, Philippine Slow Loris, Sunda Flying Lemur (Colugo)

Gomantong Caves:

Sunda Pig-tailed Macaque, Maroon Langur, Creagh’s Horseshoe Bat (probably)

Kinabatangan River:

Bornean Orangutan (both male and female), Proboscis Monkey, Long-tailed Macaque

Danum Valley:

Bearded Pig, Bornean Orangutan, Greater Mouse-deer, Island Palm Civet, Lesser Woolly Horsehoe Bat (possibly), North Borneo Gibbon, Rattus species, Ridley’s Myotis (possibly)

Mount Kinabalu:

Bornean Black-banded Squirrel, Bornean Mountain Squirrel, Whitehead’s Pygmy Squirrel

Also seen but not filmed:

Lesser Treeshrew, Sunda Giant Squirrel, Red Giant Flying Squirrel, Bornean Striped Palm Civet, Wrinkle-lipped Bat, Banded Palm Civet, Ear-spot Squirrel, Jentink’s Squirrel, Hylomys (Lesser Gymnure).

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Birds, birds, birds!

Best regards,

Pieter de Groot Boersma

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