New Trip Report: Senegal

  1. Manul 5 years ago

    I have seen a Leopard and heard Lions in Niokolo-Koba NP in 2015 sadly the guide told me about one Leopard sighting in ten years… Beautiful, non-touristic and wild park otherwise with Roan antelopes.
    I was able to convince the guides for a night drive where I saw an Aardvark.

  2. Laurent GRANJON 4 years ago

    A question to the travellers: Are they sure of their Rattus rattus identification in Richard-Toll?
    Thanks in advance for the answer

  3. Jon Lehmberg 4 years ago

    Hi Laurent and Manul,

    I didn’t see the rat myself, but I’ll ask the others and get back to you.
    Niokolo-Koba is a really nice park with potential for being a first class destination if properly managed, I reckon. In addition to your very cool observations, Manul, there are apparently still Chimpanzees in the area. Nests were found by an expedition, led by John Rose, further into the park in June – you can read more here:

    Best wishes,
    Jon L.

  4. Morten Steffen Heegaard 4 years ago

    Hi Laurent,

    I saw the rat running away and disapearing in a hole. It was in an area with quite a lot of dumped garbage. Therefore I asumed Rattus rattus was the most like species to see, since R. norvegicus is not present in the area.
    Do you reckon it could be Mastomys erythroleucus or maybe Arvicanthis niloticus?

    best regards

    Morten Heegaard

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