Ethiopian wolf in Simien Mountains.

Dear all

My wife is very keen to do a family trip to Ethiopia. She is very keen that ‘just this once, it’s her trip not mine’. A constant driver and guide is not within our budge and not what she wants to do either. Her plan is for us to spend some time in a village where she has stayed before near Gonda (Tim and Kim village), where I’m assured there’s lot of birds and then do a trek in the Simien mountains. She has found this company I know the Bale mountains are where most people see this species but does anyone have any idea of the chances in the Simien mountains or any knowledge of the companies that organise trekking there?




  • andy pay

    Hi Steve,
    A bit out of date maybe but a group of us saw 2 Ethiopian wolfs very close to the Chennek campsite in late 2015. They were hunting at good viewing range and doubtless aware of us but seemingly unconcerned. I believe they were hit hard by disease in the Simiens hence the smaller numbers compared to Bale. Good luck.

  • Jan M

    Dear Steve,

    I returned from Ethiopia just a week ago, and also did a short trekking tour (3 days) in the Simien Mountains from June 11 – June 13. At Geech campsite there were masses of gelada baboons. In the evening, they moved across the hills behind the campsite, and close to the monkeys we saw an ethiopian wolf looking for rodents. Later that evening, during dusk, we saw two additional wolves at the campsite’s midden, were lots of rodents were feeding on disposed food leftovers.
    Since the population in the national park is estimated to be ~50, it is merely a matter of luck to see them. I read about groups that spend two weeks in the park and did not see a single wolf. However, the more time you spend there, the bigger the chance to spot one.
    Also, avoid going in the rainy season, which has begun now. While I was there, it rained daily (usually starting at noon) and sometimes the rain did not end until late in the night. I quickly dismissed my plan to do an additional fourth day to see walia ibex. Winter is much better!

  • Steve Babbs

    Thanks for the comments. We will be visiting in April.

  • Curtis Hart

    I was there in April of 2015. We saw one well without much effort. Our guide said they are doing well and their numbers are much higher than the literature claims. Good luck!

  • Steve Babbs

    I’ve decided not to take the risk and we’re going to the Bale mountains as well now.

  • Theo Linders

    I was in Bale again last september and the area is currently unrest free and wolf sightings are basically guaranteed at the Sanetti plateau, though there seems to be more livestock encroachment than 2 years ago

    The local guide told us there are about 200 wolves left on the Sanetti plateau, there are none at the Gaysay grasslands anymore though. African golden wolf are commonly seen on he grasslands in late afternoon though

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