• Tom flengeris

    Hey Jon,

    Nice to see you are in a great part of the world (minus the forest fires for palm plantations)

    I spent a few days in Tankoko a few years ago. Didn’t see nearly as much as you did, but definitely enjoyed the Black Crested Macaques and Spectral tarsiers. Also took a boat ride to Siau Island and saw a few Siau Island tarsiers. I didn’t do Way Kambas, but I did I get a personal invite to Tambling Reserve (South Sumatra) and saw plenty, including a Sumatran Tiger. I’ve also done Gunung Leuser and Tanjung Puting (yes, I love Orangutans). Make sure you get to Kinabatangan river to see the Pygmy elephants and Proboscus monkeys!!

    I hope you find Sun Bears!


  • Vladimir Dinets

    Tangkoko is a great place: I was there for a week in 2009 and got 30 species (but I had a permit for nighttime walks and helped a local student who was doing all kinds of small mammal trapping). Accidentally, I just found a much better place for spectral tarsiers (and some rats, but not much else) last night – will send Jon a trip report next week.

  • markspen

    I originally commented to remind you of your mystical night time river rat but then saw you had already mentioned it haha.

    I’m so jealous of that cuscus picture, it’s the picture I wanted to get last time. I think I’ll go back to Sulawesi after Natuna. I’ve been inspired haha


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