• Mac Hunter

    Fabulous photos Jannico. I am very impressed that you got such wonderful photos of elusive species like the feather-tailed glider and honey possum that I have only managed to glimpse. I too do herps and mammals (and birds and fishes) and would like your advice on finding some of my Oz herp targets like file snake and pig-nosed turtle….mac hunter

  • Jannico Kelk

    Hi Mac Hunter,

    Thanks for that! The feather tail was a bit of a fluke. I thought it was a house mouse when I saw it haha. I havent seen another one in years now.

    The File Snake should be fairly easy. Head to Fogg Dam, at the end there’s a little stream that a bridge goes over. They are normally in there (be VERY careful of crocodiles here). Lawton Hill National Park is also very good for them too.

    Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a Pig Nosed Turtle and I don’t know many people that have. They seem to be all in crocodile water and would be suicide to go diving for them.

  • Alan

    Awesome set of photos Jannico. Thanks for sharing. Australia is high on my list…maybe 2020 and this info will help a lot. Looks like we have a a few herpers and mammalers out here like me. Any advice on where to see a Thorny Devil?



  • Mac Hunter

    Thanks for that advice Jannico. Perhaps we could continue the herp conversation “offline” from this mammal watching site. I am mhunter AT maine -DOT- edu….mac

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