Mammal Watching in Australia by a Herper

  1. Mac Hunter 12 months ago

    Fabulous photos Jannico. I am very impressed that you got such wonderful photos of elusive species like the feather-tailed glider and honey possum that I have only managed to glimpse. I too do herps and mammals (and birds and fishes) and would like your advice on finding some of my Oz herp targets like file snake and pig-nosed turtle….mac hunter

  2. Jannico Kelk 12 months ago

    Hi Mac Hunter,

    Thanks for that! The feather tail was a bit of a fluke. I thought it was a house mouse when I saw it haha. I havent seen another one in years now.

    The File Snake should be fairly easy. Head to Fogg Dam, at the end there’s a little stream that a bridge goes over. They are normally in there (be VERY careful of crocodiles here). Lawton Hill National Park is also very good for them too.

    Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a Pig Nosed Turtle and I don’t know many people that have. They seem to be all in crocodile water and would be suicide to go diving for them.

  3. Alan 12 months ago

    Awesome set of photos Jannico. Thanks for sharing. Australia is high on my list…maybe 2020 and this info will help a lot. Looks like we have a a few herpers and mammalers out here like me. Any advice on where to see a Thorny Devil?



  4. Mac Hunter 12 months ago

    Thanks for that advice Jannico. Perhaps we could continue the herp conversation “offline” from this mammal watching site. I am mhunter AT maine -DOT- edu….mac

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