Sand Cats in Birds Nests Paper

Sand Cat, Felis margarita

Some of you might remember my recent Morocco report where we saw a Sand Cat sheltering in a raven’s nest. This behavour, originally discovered by Jean-Michel Bompar last year, has been written up for the IUCN and the note is here.

Fascinating stuff and a nice example of mammalwatchers contributing to science.




  • Peggy and Marc Faucher

    We were able to witness this behavior first hand on a recent trip to Western Sahara. Thanks to Jean-Michel Bompar and team for making this interesting discovery and reporting it.

  • Jean Michel BOMPAR

    Since the paper was published, I receive a lot of calls and e-mails asking “where are the trees ? “. I’m affraid that all the trees of the area would be check more or less in respect to the Sand Cat. Please, be respective of the Cat. It’s better and more efficient to check with binocular or telescope from distance than to stay under the tree (the cat is invisible from behind). Don’t try to climb the tree. Don’t shake nor hit the tree. Thanks to all “gentlemen” mammals watchers.

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