• Judy

    baby Musk Ox gets “cutest Pic” award!

    Super report on a great place, thanks for sharing.

  • machunter

    For years I have dreamed of seeing muskoxen grazing in the distance; I had no idea that we would end up about 8m from a herd. In truth being in a vehicle diminished the experience but cars do make a great hide/ blind.

  • Venkat Sankar

    Great report–I’ll be in this area in August, so really looking forward to it now! At approx. what mile marks on the road did you see the Muskox?

  • machunter

    The first sighting was about 5 miles south of the stretch of highway where the road abuts the “Sag” River, i.e., the usual place people scan for them. The second group was between river and road along the regular stretch. Sorry I dont have the mile posts per se.

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