New Trip Report: Madagascar

Here’s another report from Phil Gregory – a logistically challenging, but wildlife rich trip.

Madagascar, 2015: Phil Gregory, 16 days & 18 species including Aye Aye, Fossa, Amber Mountain Mouse Lemur and Verreaux’s Sifaka.

Has anyone else seen Aye Ayes at Pangalenes… I don’t think I have heard of this site?



  • Martin Royle

    Pangalanes Is the site described in my recent Madagascar trip report.

  • Stephen Firth

    If I remember correctly from research undertaken for a Madagascar trip in 2017, the Palmarium Hotel re-located some Aye-Ayes to their land in the Pangalanes Canals area and they are now a tourist attraction. The hotel (and the Aye-Ayes) are surrounded by a lake. I believe that the Hotel staff leave coconuts which have been cut open, jammed between tree branches for the Aye-Aye to feed on, which provides photographic opportunities.

    I didn’t visit there myself, so I may not be correct. I’m sure others will be able to provide more precise information.

  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Stephen and Martin – I have heard of the Palmarium site – I don’t remember hearing it referred to as Pangalenes before.

  • Samuel marlin

    Well yes to me it looks like the same site where we have been too a couple of years after this report and for which you could see details in my trip report posted in 2017: the “sanctuary” created by the Palmarium hotel as mentioned in the previous posts

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