• Alan Dahl

    Wow! Wow! Wow!….I knew this report was coming after seeing the teasers on Facebook. What a trip!

    Of course, I am most jealous of you guys seeing the Tarsier!!!!

    I need to start thinking about a 3rd trip…


  • tomeslice

    Amazing report, seriously!!

    But one question – the pangolin population in Singapore is (re)introduced?!
    I tried to do a little research on that. I see that they do release captured sunda pangolins there on occasion, but they mix in with the pre-existing population, no?


  • Vladimir Dinets

    There is plenty of published checklists of Singapore mammals and a few studies specifically of pangolins. Not a single one claims them to be reintroduced AFAIK. Sambar is thought to be reintroduced, but there’s no record of releases.

  • Philip Telfer

    Hi Tomer, Vladimir, Sorry if the Singapore/Pangolin mention may have been a bit mis-leading. This is what we found out – They were native but always extremely rare. Bukit Timah is a site of Pangolin releases and a plaque at the visitor centre states that the first release was in 1996. They are now common in this small park to the extent that early morning walkers see them frequently on the trails. There is more info. on the Pangolins at the visitor centre and i wish i’d paid more attention now but we made our decision not to go back in there at night having seen two really well in Deramakot. Hope that gives you a clearer view of what we were told.

    • tomeslice

      Thanks for the clarification!

      Aren’t they concerned that people will go poaching there if it’s P-city?
      (Should we withold this info from the website/reports?)

  • philip telfer

    Good point and I guess that applies to a lot of things now. However the singapore thing is not exactly being kept secret and the BBC
    Recently made a programme showing the pangolins there. Can only hope poaching might not be a big problem there.

  • Jon Hall

    Yes I don’t think its a secret and suspect any would be poacher would know already. Singapore is quite possibly the last country on Earth anyone would want to risk poaching in (because I imagine there is a very high chance of getting caught)

  • Roger McNeill

    Living across the street from Bukit Timah I have run into these fellows a few times. But I am in the forest a lot and don’t see too often. They, like many animals will have a pattern and territory which once you get to know them can be predictable. There is a mom and young one which frequent a specific section of a close by park and o have directed a few people to them in recent weeks. Will do some research on the introduction, but Singapore is very proud of its pangolins and many of the central Catchment Areas have them and are actively promoted on fliers and trail side plaques.

  • tomeslice

    I see.
    I have never been to Singapore, but I trust you guys know what you are talking about!
    Either way, I will be there twice, both before and after Borneo, so maybe, Roger – you can show us where this place is, along with any tips you may have for trying to spot them? 🙂
    Is it ok if I contact you via Facebook?

  • Vladimir Dinets

    I’ve been asked by so many mammalwatchers for tips on seeing pangolins at Bukit Timah, I guess I should start guiding pangolin-viewing tours there. Small groups, no more than 70 people at a time.

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