A Strawberry Leopard

  1. Miles Foster 11 months ago

    Thanks, Andrew. No, I had never heard of this either. Though I have read about sightings of a ‘blue’ leopard in China some years ago – presumably a melanistic leopard with a less than usually dark coat…


    • Profile photo of Conuropsis Author
      Conuropsis 11 months ago

      Sure Miles. I love hearing about these various color morphs of animals, especially melanistic and albino/leucistic. There was a cheetah in S. Africa a few years ago that had no spots. It was gorgeous.


  2. Miles Foster 11 months ago

    Of course, my memory may be at fault and it was a blue TIGER I read about…

    • Profile photo of Conuropsis Author
      Conuropsis 11 months ago

      That happens to all of us eventually:-) I’ve seen photos of tigers like that.


  3. Richard John Power 10 months ago

    They are not frequently seen at all, but are frequently captured in parts of South Africa, if not on camera trap.

  4. Carlos Olaaka 10 months ago

    How is this possible? Is it nature doing this? Is it science doing this? How does one explain this mutation. Never encountered this yet been a safari guide from through the Eastern and Southern and central African region since 2000.

  5. Richard John Power 10 months ago

    As above Carlos – think it is masked in wild populations, and has only emerged where persecuted/ fragmented etc. No one has ever seen in Kruger, and large game reserve areas, so can guess it emerges when population goes through bottle-neck – this is the running hypothesis at present.. It seems localised in a few provinces of SA at present…

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