A Strawberry Leopard

  1. Miles Foster 3 years ago

    Thanks, Andrew. No, I had never heard of this either. Though I have read about sightings of a ‘blue’ leopard in China some years ago – presumably a melanistic leopard with a less than usually dark coat…


    • Author
      Conuropsis 3 years ago

      Sure Miles. I love hearing about these various color morphs of animals, especially melanistic and albino/leucistic. There was a cheetah in S. Africa a few years ago that had no spots. It was gorgeous.


  2. Miles Foster 3 years ago

    Of course, my memory may be at fault and it was a blue TIGER I read about…

    • Author
      Conuropsis 3 years ago

      That happens to all of us eventually:-) I’ve seen photos of tigers like that.


  3. Richard John Power 3 years ago

    They are not frequently seen at all, but are frequently captured in parts of South Africa, if not on camera trap.

  4. Carlos Olaaka 3 years ago

    How is this possible? Is it nature doing this? Is it science doing this? How does one explain this mutation. Never encountered this yet been a safari guide from through the Eastern and Southern and central African region since 2000.

  5. Richard John Power 3 years ago

    As above Carlos – think it is masked in wild populations, and has only emerged where persecuted/ fragmented etc. No one has ever seen in Kruger, and large game reserve areas, so can guess it emerges when population goes through bottle-neck – this is the running hypothesis at present.. It seems localised in a few provinces of SA at present…

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